Hi …My name is Julie Telgenhoff, and I am the creator of Sheep Media L.L.C. DBA: A Sheep No More™ on Facebook, Twitter and Google+.

I am not very public about who I am as I have other interests besides being a part of the alternative news media world. One of those interests is my youngest son’s growth in his creative musical talents that have taken form in him progressing to performing with his band called Failed Diplomacy.

These are young men who have just recently graduated high school. All of their songs are original, both in music and Lyrics, and they will soon be releasing an album.

I am very proud of all of these young “independent artists” because they have remained kind, caring, ethical, hard working and motivated in their future ambitions.

Most of the musical lyrics created have some sort of positive message that should resonate with the youth, however, that is not their core audience.

***** UPDATE: FAILED DIPLOMACY’S ALBUM IS NOW AVAILABLE HERE! (my favorites are #10: ‘Born Anew’, #4: ‘Broken Paths’ and #6 ‘Fading Thoughts’). Thanks for listening!!!

Failed Diplomacy will be performing again 07/26/2014 at 07:00 PM @ The Boardwalk in Orangevale, CA

Check out a sample of the  entire band’s, soon to be released, CD:

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Failed Diplomacy Band Members:

Jordan Telgenhoff – Lead Vocals / Guitar / Piano (yes, my son)

Ethan O’Brien – Bass Guitar / Back-up Vocals

Ian Long – Lead Guitar

Henry Adkisson – Drums (missing from band the entire summer, however, the band’s performances continue on acoustically)


Genre: Rock, Punk, Alternative

Hometown: Sacramento, CA

Message from Failed Diplomacy’s Drummer, Henry Adkisson: Hi everyone! In case you were wondering why Failed Diplomacy has been advertising acoustic shows only, it’s because I’m currently on tour with the Santa Clara Vanguard Cadets Drum and Bugle Corps. I’ll be back in mid-August, at which point we’ll go back to being really loud.

The below video is Failed Diplomacy‘s First LIVE ACOUSTIC Performance at The Boardwalk on July 9, 2014 (Drummer, Henry Adkisson, will be returning soon)

The following video provides a “Sneak Peek”  of Failed Diplomacy’s upcoming record. In the video, you will see the band’s activities as they are in the small recording studio, and there includes a few samples of just three of the many “original” songs that will be featured on their album.


In the video below, my son Jordan, has dark hair unlike the above video; he vacillates between dark and blond during the year. 

Thanks for watching. 

Lastly, much gratitude to Robert Letkiewics who possesses such great talent and has been with A Sheep No More™ from practically the beginning, and to Destiny Risen who has joined us as an investigative journalist, researcher, and she has this amazing ability to connect dots and figure out how psychological operations are perpetrated on the populous.

VIDEO: School Bullying Facts & Solutions by Jordan Telgenhoff