MUST SEE: Former 9/11 Commissioner Admits Missile Hits The Pentagon [Video]

Listen carefully as former 9/11 Commissioner, Tim Roemer, slips up in a CNN Interview and tells us what exactly caused the damage to the Pentagon on 9/11/01 …he then quickly corrects himself in order to line up with the official version of events that the US government gave of an airplane hitting the building. 110537pf6 In addition, pay attention to Roemer’s closing words. “…..the number of people who PROBABLY died in the plane and on the ground.” 

Remember that this interview did not take place on the actual day of 9/11/01 …this interview was done in “remembrance of 9/11”. Hence, for Roemer to utilize the term “probably” is another indicator that the “genuine truth” is in contradiction to the government’s official story we are expected to believe.


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