Surprise! Ebola Outbreak Connected To Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation and George Soros


George Soros’s foundation funds the Kenema bioweapons lab at the focus of the Ebola outbreak, and which is about to be closed, apparently amid an investigation.

At the epicentre of the current Ebola epidemic is the Kenema Government Hospital in Sierra Leone, which houses a US a biosecurity level 2 bioweapons research lab with links to the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation and Soros Foundation.


Was Glenn Thomas aware of hard evidence showing that the lab was faking positive diagnoses for Ebola — Tulane University? – in order to justify forcing people to undergo treatment which would then give them Ebola? Did he refuse to go along with the cover up?

The mainstream media is silent about the Kenema bioweapons lab closure as well as about the order to Tulane University to stop Ebola testing.


So, what other channels are there left for this information to enter the public domain or be spread through social media networks if the World Health Organization (WHO) does not release the information or take action?


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