CDC Quarantine Map Matches Immigration/Agenda 21 Plans?

0-2 VIA| Regarding Denver International Airport (DIA):

“This is more than just a conspiracy theory. Denver is home to Buckley Air Force Base. Nearby Colorado Springs is home to enormous military activity including Cheyenne Mountain Complex (a Deep Underground Military Base whose existence is publicly admitted), Peterson AFB, Shriever AFB, the US Air Force Academy, and Fort Carson.

These bases together form NORAD, US Space Command, AF Space Command, Army Space Command, and the Consolidated Space Operations Center, plus several Air Wings, Infantry and Tank divisions, and Special Forces.

Denver also contains numerous Federal Government facilities (second only to DC) and both cities have extensive government and military contractors.”

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The EU is involved with this 2050 plan as well:

Roadmap 2050

World Business Council for Sustainable Development ( WBCSD)

Scott Anthony:

Take a look at these 2 maps in the below video and see if overlapping they align almost perfectly.

What it all means, I am not sure yet perhaps a viewer out there will have some feedback to answer this question.………

Note: Locations are in “Constitution Free Zones”…

AMERICA 2050: U.S. Strategy for the Next half century PDF:…

Professor Doom1: