WOW!!! Did This Audio Released of Ferguson Dispatch Expose A “False Flag Event”?

This is a brand new video from YouTube videographer, Dahboo7.
Does this bombshell of a recording prove that it was the news that made the very first call to Ferguson emergency dispatch rather than anyone on the ground who witnessed this shooting or anywhere else? Dispatch then in turn calls Ferguson and they know nothing about it? If so, then this is what leads Dahboo7 to believe proof that Ferguson is really a ‘False Flag’ event. This audio is very suspicious!!!


The following time-coded audio from the St. Louis County police dispatch was released Wednesday, August 13, 2014, by Anonymous, a loosely organized network of activists and hackers.
The Audio is from August 9, 2014, when a Ferguson, Missouri police officer “allegedly” shot and killed Michael Brown, an unarmed 18 year old.
St. Louis County police CONFIRMED the authenticity of the audio.
You have to listen to this recording. Are we missing something here or did she really say what we think she said? The first call to dispatch was the news? Did you hear that, too at the 1:25 mark?
Did this Ferguson shooting ever happen at all or was this all staged for the implementation of martial law?
Please listen to this short clip then give us your thoughts below. Thanks. 

  • john

    Doesn’t it make sense to you that of you just witnessed a cop assassinate a black person, and you are aware of the brutality of the police force, that the Police would be the last people to call. It would be calling on the next hit. Of course they called the news. The camaras won’t lie like corrupt police…. Btw all government employees who weara gun should have the electronic locking single shooter tech and a video cam on the officer.

    Time to go to and start a petition to end administrative leave. And end shooting a fleeing suspect. End police militias. End carers of cops w meantal illness.

    • Mark Malone

      I understand what you are saying. but what about dispatch calling Ferguson and them knowing nothing about it?

  • Richard Farnum

    Doubt it was staged, but they had mentioned that the police present immediately confiscated all the witnesses cell phones as evidence (obviously making it impossible for anyone to call real public servants to fix the situation and arrest the cold blooded murderer(s and collaborators) who played a part in the execution a boy with his hands up in broad daylight).