Ex Congresswoman Cynthia McKinney: You MUST HEAR THIS!


Julie Telgenhoff| Everyone needs to hear this remarkable woman, Cynthia McKinney, speak. She is a force out there trying to inform us as to the reality taking place in this country. I would be remiss if I did not pass this on.

She is telling it like it is. I remember before I woke up to all the lies, I bought into the horrible things the cabal were saying about McKinney, but then I started watching her actions, and I was on the fence …no one awake to talk to so I kept my ears open.

Now that I am fully awake and aware of this corruption that has infested not only my country in the US, but the entire globe, she is a role model to me.

In addition, I knew nothing about Political Zionism to which is a terrorist organization using religion as its guise. If you are asleep at the wheel to this war machine called Political Zionism, that destroys both jew and gentile, time to wake up!

Do members of Congress pledge an oath to Israel BEFORE they are elected?

Please start at the 7:00 minute mark. Is this a condition of the election process?

“must sign an written oath to Israel” ???

After you are finished listening to the video, please read: Introduction to the Israel Lobby (AIPAC)

  • Citizenship Lee


    1. Some nuclear bombs disappeared from American military bases.
    2. Some insider congressmen are threatening us with nuclear attack from ISIS or Al QAEDA etc.
    3.And what do I see today on “Veterans today” Gordon Duff just published
    an article how to “build a nuclear bomb” ACCIDENTALLY!!!!!!! (The attack will be blamed on patriots !!!)

    The article:
    VT Flexing Its Nuclear Muscle



  • Todd Foster

    Ft Leonard Wood is 2 hours from St Louis….it is a CBRN base. Also a FEMA detention and training base. Things to consider since we know they are manipulating tensions operation Gladio style in Ferguson Mo. Also…the Lady who sent the Video of the burning store…she is a “Firefighter” and US marshall service, CBRN also. (Ericka Artz) worth looking into.

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  • mo

    So, if “every life must be a life worth living”, does that mean that they will get to judge what is worth living for and who gets to live? If war is criminalized, does that include economic war too? It really just sounds like a speech, attempting to be inspirational, nothing really of substance behind it.

  • mo

    1:15 If “she understands those words now”, why is she still keeping the machine going, instead of “throwing her body upon the gears and levers”?

  • David King

    To the author.
    You have correctly identified what political zionism is. However you have made the classic case of trying to distance it from Judaism. Many well meaning do the same thing. However, further research will show you that the Jewish people are Satanists. They are quite at home, and enjoy the power of political zionism, or rather simple unadorned zionism.

    Consider a few points. During the israeli attach on Palestine (Protective edge) 94% of israelis polled for a local newspaper wanted their government to just wipe out Palestine and kill every single Palestinian person. They just wanted to be done with it. Secondly; many jews from outside israel financially support israel. Now if you are giving money to a terrorist organisation, that is a crime but it also indicates emotional and religious support. My point is 94% of israelis and the majority of jews living outside israeli believe in zionism. People will say; that is not ALL jews. No, it is not all jews. But i ask you, how many are left? 10%? 20%? Surely we cannot consider 20% to REPRESENT Judaism. It is the 80% that represents judaism.
    Now go and look at all those jews demonstrating for peace. Many of those organisations are hasbara organisations. As any of these jews protesting and standing up for peace; if they support the right of return for all Palestinians; financial compensation for Palestinians; the application of international law; the closure of israel. See what percentage agree. Remember, according to judaism; israel was to be created by the Jewish god, and it is considered by them an abomination that men build it. So what percentage of jews do we have that are firmly against zionism. Seriously, we are down to individuals.
    The last point. Do some research on Sabbatai Zevi and Jacob Frank. This will lead to the truth of what is going on. This is really all you need to know. It explains everything. by the way; an article just came out naming the British royal family as crypto jews. This is the final nail.

    • Sheep Media

      All religions are man made …even christianity (I’m a follower of Christ NOT a fake christian who bans others to hell) is one of the worse because their one god is the saturn god; and their not real christ SUN of god. Islam has it’s mecca thing where the ones at the top worship these entities. Religion is all dogma. However, there are real jews who stand up to Zionism (notice the name sourced at the bottom …international jews against zionism) Jewish Survivors of Holocaust & Their Descendants Condemn Israel’s Massacre of Palestinians http://asheepnomore.net/2014/08/26/jewish-survivors-holocaust-descendents-condemn-israel/

      • Sheep Media

        And I already know about the Holocaust not just being about jews and the faked #’s and the Balfour Declaration and Transfer agreement …but this evil is controlled by something much bigger than the Zionists. And too big for many to handle.

  • 0jr

    she is also an anti white s. afrikan commie that advocates the destuction of whites in afreaka