Editor’s Note:  I have personal Muslim friends from the Middle East and even they have told me that the new ISIS or IS creation are not Muslims and paid mercenaries …the James Foley beheading was a fakery; come on people just the fact that the ISIS dude had a British accent, speaking broken English whilst trying to sound Arabic is a clue. The ‘War on Terror” in simple definition is a “War on Fear”, and with fear, there is never a defined enemy (except the ones that the owners create and then fund); it is a complete fraud because it commenced from the false flag operation on 9/11/01.
We are collectively allowing these monsters who reign over us, are clearly psychopathic, to rape, pillage and murder other counties and their people   …we already know that al Qaeda was a freaking data base, and Bin Laden a CIA asset. I mean, seriously, if you’re sitting on the fence about any of this ..it’s decision time people. How much longer are you going to stand for these mind f**ks or in professional terms, psychological operations (PSYOPS)?


Fake Al Qaeda Actors Exposed! Adam Gadahn & Yousef al-Khattab [Video]
Terrorism is a way to control the population by FEAR, and it is getting very old and very frustrating that the majority of the populous is still in a coma state and can only do their job (even if a VP or CEO ..that’s all they can do), come home, eat, watch some TV, go to bed, get up and do it over again the next day all the while anxiously waiting for the weekend. It’s difficult to blame those who can’t even think because they are forced to work 3 jobs while supporting a family; they are completely innocent.
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Don’t forget ..YOU ARE THE MEDIA NOW. Don’t back down now. And seriously, do you really want to be thought of as that dumbed down or some kind of ‘useless eater‘ by these fat cat elitists? When will enough be enough?
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