America is Falling Apart


Corrbett Report 

  • Citizenship Lee

    Corbett finds his way to publish his liberal gay politically correct “opinion”
    (propaganda and indoctrination) on many truth seeker website like this one.
    All good in what he says is repeating the news made by others.
    Bytheway who sent him into Japan and who pays him a life while he is writing
    the million of his articles and videos. (If you think it happens without help then just try it. :-)) )
    Another uncovered agent from the stable of globalists. He acts like the artists of cultural or orange revolutions in other countries.

    If he is not what I described here then why is he here? Why has he so few followers on his website?

  • Adam See

    For me, it’s about spreading the messages he talks about. Just because he isn’t breaking each and every story, or doesn’t have many followers, doesn’t make the messages he spreads any less accurate or viable. All the things he talks about makes a hell of a lot more sense than the bullshit spread by most governments around the world. Especially the US government.