Bottomless Pit: Massive 100ft-Wide ‘Sinkhole’ Opens Up In UK …What Is Going On?

sinkhole1 A newly released video from DAHBOO77 shows a massive, 100 foot-wide sinkhole has opened up and emerged in the UK.

The sinkhole opened up in County Durham, and it is so large that sheep could accidentally fall into it.

As torrential rain sweeps the country, it could get even bigger they fear.

However, most people are very scared to even attempt to going near it.

This sinkhole is so deep that the few who have ventured to get up close to this monstrous giant are unable to see to the bottom, hence a bottomless pit!

With resent earthquakes in Chile, Peru and California and a huge crack in the earth appearing overnight a week ago in Mexico, what do these constant earth changes really mean?