What’s Up With MSM Coverage of 9 Yr Old Girl Shoots & Kills Instructor With UZI?

Editor’s note: As to not be known as some conspiratorial alternative news source, you’ll notice that there aren’t many of these videos regarding the mainstream media’s coverage of “certain’ shootings over others. However, upon observation of videographer Red Pill Revolution‘s work, I felt compelled to at least make his analysis of this shooting available and allow for independent thinkers to decide for themselves whether or not this was another false flag designed to invoke the public into supporting more draconian control over the US populous with more gun laws that we clearly do NOT need. Why would a government stage a shooting? It’s called the Hegelian Dialectic (see here) and as with psychological warfare, government’s ultimate tool of mind f**kery, it works because it garners the public’s support of more control measures on the populous! After the false flag operation on 9/11/01 we saw the passage of  The Patriot Act, the creation of the Department of Homeland Security (you know, the one purchasing all those questionable hollow point bullets) and  then these TSA “get raped or radiated” agents installed in airports across America ..sold to us under the guise of “protecting our freedoms”. I’ve never seen one TSA agent catch a terrorist, and they never will (maybe this is why?). It’s all about a high-jacked government needing more control before they can move forward with a one world governance (NWO). NO one should be in denial of this tyrannical plan for global governance as YouTube will show people of influence speaking about it should one continue to deny it. The US has to be taken down before all countries fall victim to this NWO plan and unlike Australia or the UK, Americans still have guns. If people don’t understand what I’m saying, then they need to remember why the founding fathers made sure there was a 2nd amendment. Using children is also another tool to propagate a population’s emotions. Past events should show that the US is slowly becoming a major “police state” …connect the dot and don’t forget about the NDAA. It’s not my job to convince you of anything as we need to question everything we see or hear if we ourselves, are not there to witness the event being presented on the corporate state-run news. Please watch this video analysis of the MSM’s coverage of this most recent  shooting and decide for yourself. Thanks.


The NY Times Admits Every Major MSM News Allows Gov’t Censorship

MSM talking head says the public wants to know …“How does a 9 year old get an UZI in her hands?” (because government is more responsible with YOUR children …let that sink in)

From Videographer Red Pill Revolution:

1. The gun (without even comparing clips) sounds ABSOLUTELY 100% like a airsoft/toy gun. Definitely not a real gun.

2. Wife deleting her digital life in hours by morning because of “media coverage”, which didn’t even start yet. Liars and no one would be worried about shutting your internet life down hours after your husband got blasted.

3. The bombardment of trolls, their relentless attack and blatant lies on my first video which went viral on this, proves I am right here and this story is bull. Vacca had no kids. There’s many other trolls I could show you guys I took screen shots, but you guys get the point.

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Here’s the link to his first video that has almost 239,00 views.