11 Libyan Jetliners Disappear ….Possible 9/11 False Flag Again?

Editor’s Note: Since the video is from the controlled MSM News, you will hear the talking head’s quest describe what kind of weapons these terrorists are receiving. What he fails to mention is who is actually funding the terrorists with those weapons in addition, all intel agencies work with al Qaeda and ISIS, ISIL, Nusra ….all the world is truly a state.
The Washington Free Beacon’s Bill Gertz appeared on Hannity Wednesday to go into further detail on his story about 11 missing Libyan jetliners around the 9/11 anniversary.
“A state department counterterrorism official declined to comment to me on the alarming reports of the missing jet, and another state department official sought to play down the threat as unconfirmed,” Gertz said.



Gertz warned of the various dangers extremist-controlled aircraft could pose to America.
“Officials told me that the CIA and other security firms are taking the threats seriously and accounting for all the jets owned by two Libyan state-owned airlines had a combined fleet of 27 aircraft, including more than 20 air bus jetliners and several smaller regional jets,” Gertz said. “The jets can be used as guided missiles in suicide attack or they can be used to transport militias across the region.”
Ukraine Plane
Don’t False Flag Me Bro!!!