Annie’s Homegrown …SOLD OUT to GMO General Mills!

Annie’s Homegrown has sold out to the Corporation of the United States.

From  Annie’s Facebook page: 

Today we announced exciting news that Annie’s will join General Mills. We are thrilled because this opportunity will fuel Annie’s future growth and allow us to more rapidly expand our line of high quality, great tasting products made with organic and natural ingredients that you’ve come to love over the last 25 years. So what does this combination mean for you, our loyal fans? Expect to see Annie’s in more stores, in more categories and in more varieties.

Annie’s has never been a company that compromises on its values. With General Mills’ support, we will stay true to our mission and committed to doing well by doing good. We remain dedicated to real food; simple, organic, non-GMO and natural ingredients; a clean planet and sustainable business practices. These values are part of our DNA and they will remain so.

Thanks for being a loyal Annie’s fan and celebrating this new chapter in our story.

John Foraker
Annie’s CEO

Who believes that General Mills, the corporation that gave over 2 million dollars to stop GMO labeling during Prop 37 in CA, will continue to deliver “organic, non-GMO and natural ingredients”, like the CEO John Foraker stated above???

Yeah, me neither. Major lie.


You can let your voice be heard and contact the company here or here.


Annie’s contact information below.

Consumer Relations: 

Mailing Address:
1610 5th Street
Berkeley, CA 94710
Main Office Number

Here come Monsanto GMOs and Red 40 and Yellow 5 death dyes. 

Check out some of the comments on Annie’s “no-longer-homegrown” Facebook page: 

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From Annie’s Facebook page, a post from the CEO, John Foraker:

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