MSM News ….Manipulating Americans Into More WAR!!! (Video)

Media manipulation in the Mainstream Media (MSM) News involves a series of related techniques in which the oligarchy creates an image or argument that favors their particular interest/agenda (i.e. MORE WAR).


Such tactics may include the use of logical fallacies and propaganda techniques, and often pertains to made up information to which allows the viewer to believe that they should too be in favor of such interest because the overall populous is in support of that interest too.

Check out the warmongering news. At least they admit that there are a majority of Americans that may still need to be SOLD on military action due to the newest creation called, ISIS.  And that’s where the CEO of the Corporation of the United States, Obama, will come into play when he makes his persuasion speech on Wednesday.

Be sure to tune in. Watch this short clip from CNN below. And remember a good patriot and support those troops on the ground. It matters not that these terrorists are created and funded by the US government. 

“War is Peace”!