By Changing the Story, We Change Our World…

The world is built on stories.

If life on Earth is to not only survive but thrive, we must change the narrative of modern civilization. The world we have inherited is built on an unsustainable story of infinite resources, limitless waste and endless competition with one another, degrading both our planet and humanity.


Image credit: sustainable

It is time to collectively re-imagine the story of the world we wish to live in – one that enables each of us to develop our unique gifts and give them freely to the world.

Watch this short video and if it resonates with you, please pass it on. Thank  you.

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  • Pickaname

    This is a trap.

    • admin

      See the message, not the people behind it. We all need to change individually including me and I don’t need some group to follow to do it. Religion is another trap. I hope the MESSAGE resonated, not the man.