NOT FAKE! Obama DEVIL Baphomet Horns ISIS Speech Explained

They took that horned picture and released it to the media (White House) to use for the story.
It was intentional and they know what they’re doing.
In the thumbnail the gold curtain goes down to the chair rail. Also the curtain is closed. During the speech the curtain is open and there’s no gold curtain anywhere near chair rail. It seems the angle is different as well.
The WHITE HOUSE released it to the press.
Obama Speech Video (see first second top of window)
Obama ISIS Speech [FULL] 9/10/2014: Outlining a Battle Plan | The New York Times
Notice the devil horns and even more is the pyramid with allseeing eye in the middle of the horns.
Do his eyes actually look like they’re getting darker?


VIDEO: Obama – Yes We Can = Thank You Satan
You decide!!!

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