Bill Gates And The ALS “Ice Bucket” Ritual — Satanism, Black Magic, Weather Warfare

This is a very important video describing how the Illuminati use the media and the power of alphabet/sigil languages to cast spells.
In this video, you will learn that during the winter of 2013, Americans were bombarded with information about Edward “SNOWDEN” — as a way of getting us to repeat over and over again the language of being SNOWED IN. Hence, we had one of the most severe winters on record, with maximum levels of snowfall in various parts of the nation.
Ice Us = ISIS
Now, with their new ritual programming, they are attempting to leverage our energy once again, by getting us to participate in the creation of another severe winter, this time with serious levels of flooding or hail or tsunamis or tidal waves — perhaps being directed at New York. And the way they are getting us to help them create that future is through this absurd “Ice Bucket Ritual” — that so many billionaires have taken the time to model for us on TV. 
It isn’t everyday you see billionaires taking time out of their busy looting schedules to demonstrate the absurd. Yet here they are all, one after the other, modeling this sick satanic ritual in order to get us to do it too — and thereby lend our energy toward their destructive creations.

Please pass this video on to as many people as possible so that millions of awakened souls will be using their energy to counteract the evil plans of the dark forces instead of contributing to them.

Bill Gates ALS Ice Bucket Satanic Ritual