EBOLA Information Update!

“This explains why the CDC and the NIH are bringing Ebola patients into the country to treat. The moment that an Ebola patient crosses the U.S. border, they become the intellectual property of the CDC, NIH and Bill and Melinda Gates! How can we not believe that this is the Hegelian Dialectic run amok in a case of problem creation, solution to the problem and reaction to the problem? The involvement of the USAMRIID is noteworthy because the Army has long been rumored to have created Ebola and, for purposes of experimentation, implanted the artificial virus in Zaire in 1977.”


At 34 minutes, David Hodges joins in and this might be something you’re interested in listening to:
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Africans Accuse “Westerners” Of Spreading Ebola: “Wherever Those People Have Passed,The Communities Have Been Hit By The Illness.”