Video Shows Retired U.S. General Working With ISIS to Destabilize Syria!

syria-can-new-us-zionist-western-conspiracy-help-isis-irans-revolutionary-guards-find-common-ground This chilling video shows clear cut behind the scenes footage of U.S. Generals working with the underground terrorists to attack the sovereign nation of Syria, a violation of both international law and more importantly the U.S. Constitution.

Share this video with others who still believe the ISIS psyop and remind them that ISIS is part of a bigger plan stated long ago.

FSA stands for Free Syrian Army (not to be confused with the real protectors of the Syrian peoples’ freedom called, the “Syrian Arabic Army”).

The FSA aren’t even Syrians; most of these terrorists (not moderate rebels) were used to overthrow Gaddafi and then funneled into Syria as another FAKE Revolution commenced. 

There never was a civil war going on in Syria.

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Where there Syrians disgruntled with their government? Sure as there is in every country, but these Carefully STAGED and FUNDED Revolutions and the “He’s Killing His People” rhetoric is getting old.

The plan to invade Syria and six other Middle Eastern sovereign nations including Iraq, Iran, Sudan, Somalia, Libya and Afghanistan. (see here)

Why Does ISIS Fit In So Perfectly With The PNAC Plan? 

The Infamous “Oded Yinon Plan”

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