FBI Says No One Killed at Sandy Hook!!!

Agency publishes crime report showing “ZERO″ murders occurred in Newtown in 2012

Adan Salazar| Recently released FBI crime statistics curiously show that no murders occurred in Newtown, Connecticut, in 2012, despite reports that numerous schoolchildren and faculty members were slaughtered during a shooting rampage in December of that year.


See for yourself: Data from a recent FBI report shows zero murders occurred in Newtown in 2012.

On December 14, 2012, the world watched in horror as the corporate media reported the deaths of 20 students and 6 staff members at the Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown at the hands of a deranged 20-year-old.

Internet sleuths immediately took to the web to stitch together clues indicating the shooting could be a carefully-scripted false flag event, similar to the 9/11 terror attacks, the central tenet being that the event would be used to galvanize future support for gun control legislation. Two years later, and scores of politicians and gun control groups have cited the Sandy Hook incident as a pretext to curtail Americans’ Second Amendment rights.

The investigation took an odd turn earlier this year when national school safety consultant Wolfgang Halbig was visited and threatened at his home by homicide detectives after he began reporting on additional inconsistencies in the Sandy Hook narrative, which he believes prove the shooting to be fabricated.

Among 16 questions which Halbig says are key to unlocking the Sandy Hook mystery, Halbig asks,

“Why and for what reason would the FBI classify the SHES shooting when they did not classify the Columbine shooting which also was an Active Shooter Mass Casualty Incidents (AS/MCI)?”

FBI-Says-No-One-Killed-at-Sandy-Hook-1 Image Credits: Wiki Commons

Additionally, Halbig questioned why no trauma helicopters were ever summoned to the school, and why paramedics and EMTs weren’t allowed to enter the building to try to save lives.

In contrast to the Connecticut report, the 2012 FBI crime report for the state of Colorado shows that 29 murders occurred in the town of Aurora that year, a figure which takes into account the number of people who died in the Century Theater during the premiere of Christopher Nolan’s The Dark Knight film.

2012 FBI crime report for the state of Colorado shows 29 murders occurred that year.

2012 FBI crime report for the state of Colorado shows 29 murders occurred that year.

While those who question the official Sandy Hook story have largely been marginalized, the FBI’s own data is now seemingly substantiating their theories.

What do you think about the FBI’s latest crime data?

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Watch: explore why people believe the Sandy Hook shooting to be a hoax.

Check out our various interviews with Wolfgang Halbig below, including one conducted following his visit to the Newtown city hall where he posed his questions directly to city council members.

  • Mickey

    This does not surprise me. They wag the dog all the time to support their agenda. I’m really sick of both parties. Ron Paul for President!!!


    This is a low blow to all the parents who lost their children that day. I bet they would wish that was a conspiracy. It had to been a typo people do make mistakes.

    • Sheep Media

      I’m starting a YouTube channel so contact with with all those poor families that lost their children. Did you even bother to read the title or do any research on this? You’ll never contact me because you don’t know one family member. I’ve asked countless to come on our affiliates radio show with proof and no one ever replies. [email protected] and neither will you. Show me one family member with a dead child. Just one. Ill look forward to your reply LOL.

    • sherrie

      I have lost a child and the parent’s did not react or morn like a parent would you can bury your mother, your father, siblings anyone but there is none that’s the worst than burying your own child except maybe a grandchild and i don’t even want to think what that would be like and i pray i never have to bury one of my grandangel’s.

    • Mo

      What parents? Do you know any?

  • Frank

    I love how every article ever released on this site talks about everything LE and govt is a lie, yet when they find a piece from these organizations that support one of your ridiculous theories, your all over it’s nuts like stink on shit. To me, you are as bad as the big three, with less then squat of the credibility.

    • Sheep Media

      Dude, no one is asking you to read my information. Some brains can’t function and connect dots. They rely on their government to think for them and trust everything their government says and does. I mean, all these revolutions are REAL (Thailand’s is) the rest …the games getting old. Send in their NGOs and then those hired mercenaries. Why do you think the 9/11 false flag or you still believe a man in a cave (who was in reality on kidney dialysis) and muslims (they’re evil) with those HUGE BLADES on the HUGE BOX CUTTERS did it. Let’s roll. OMG he stabbed me with a box cutter and the next big guy, we are dead. I’m so done with the fools of this world. I think I am going to become a media whore and just do memes all day long. Our world has gone to HELL. Good luck!!!

  • Brad

    I do not hate that I agree with you, when they showed the original photos from the site, and none of the rescue people could get close enough, because of all the cars parked all over the place, it all looked atfu wrong. I told my Daughter to look at the photos, and then laughed when she told me everything that the media was saying. I showed her the pictures, and reminded her that pictures (especially unPhotoshopped ones) are really worth a thousand words. She is still a non-believer.

  • sherrie

    Anyone like myself who has lost a child knew it was staged just by the interviews a day later it was just Obama’s way to try to get American’s to fight for gun control and to take away the 2nd Amendment of our Constitution.

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