New ’2014′ Cube REMOVED From Georgia Guidestones – Revealing ADDITIONAL ENGRAVED CODES

by SGT, You Tuber copperheadrr1 & SGT

In a new video released today by You Tuber copperheadrr1, we learn that on September 25th at the Georgia Guidestones location in Elbert County, Georgia, — the creepy monument that outlines what appears to be the agenda for a New World Order, including the directive to “Maintain humanity under 500,000,000 in perpetual balance with nature” — a man tasked with the upkeep of the Guidestones removed the mysterious new granite cube corner stone addition which reads 20 14.
Upon removing the six-sided cube which was added by an unknown entity sometime in 2014, it was discovered that the cube also contains individual engravings on each of the other four sides which were hidden from view.


In addition to the 20 and 14 which were public facing, the heavy granite cube also contains the following engravings:MM, 16, 8, JAM

So the “code” on the cube in its entirety reads: MM, 16, 20, 14, 8, JAM

Amazingly, the Guidestones groundskeeper then examines the cube and asks onlookers, “Do you want a chip?” As the small crowd looks on he then proceeds to destroy the cube with hammer and chisel handing out pieces – an excellent metaphor/allegory for what humanity ought to do to the individual controllers of the Satanic New World Order system.

  • citizen Ship-Lee

    This seems to be an act of what?

    1.”That’s one small step for a man; one giant leap for mankind.”
    2. or another globalist trick to dupe the sheeple. They have them
    believing,”everything will be fine you don’t need to do anything”.

    Anyway, I believe that the message of human tales are more important than ever.