HAARP Evidence for Fukushima Meltdown

The below video shows very strong evidence that the Alaska HAARP was involved in the March 2011 Fukushima 9.0 earthquake/Tsunami/nuclear meltdown.

At the very same time as the HAARP signal was building up energy from March 8 to March 11, the Demeter satellite detected,

“a big increase in infrared emissions from above the epicentre which peaked in the hours before the quake. In other words, the atmosphere was heating up.”


This kind of heating is exactly what would be expected from HAARP energy flowing into that area just before the earthquake. This is a powerful confirmation of the magnetometer data in this video!

Here is the link to the joint Russian/US research paper: http://www.technologyreview.com/view/…

The magnetometer data shown in this video is no longer available as the server mysteriously went offline in October, 2012. It has not come back up even though the internet DNS is still trying to load the server.

via The HAARP Report

The ICC and all international police agencies need to take a look at this and consider if such criminals should still be allowed to be in charge of these geoengineering programs which are rapidly killing our planet.

P.S. Here is the maestro server. It never gives an error message, it just times out:
http://maestro.haarp.alaska.edu/cgi-b… Someone please contact the University of Alaska and find out why it is no longer available.

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