‘Mystery Fireballs’ Rain Down From the Sky In Michigan!

I grabbed some comments from people who viewed the video and I will provide them below …enjoy:
I live here in Michigan and I personally have seen these. They are chemtrails they’re not your regular planes. These planes will fly straight up and down not only do they shoot white chemtrails, I have videos where they shoot black chemtrails. The other day I shot video of chemtrails doing the same thing with the swirls. All of a sudden the last couple weeks they’ve been shooting chemtrails everywhere .”
“I think it might be a very big UFO braking up and crashing to Earth.”


“I didn’t see no fireball, only geoengineeering possibly the start of the culling?”
“July- 2001 NASA WAR DOCUMENT Page 52- Chemtrails “Airborne varieties of Ebola, Lassa and etc..” Ebola sprayed from Air- from Chemtrail planes. Make sure to look at photos of pages 52 and 88 http://rpangell.wordpress.com/2014/08/06/july-2001-nasa-war-document-page-52-chemtrails-airborne-varieties-of-ebola-lassa-and-etc-httpswww-facebook-comphoto-phpfbid794974323858270setoa-10152731671006874type1fr/ http://rpangell.wordpress.com
“Probably chickens flew too high and passed out because of lack of oxygen.”
“Simple contrails you idiot.”
“Fireballs? Really? Use some discernment and think about it. It’s obvious those are aircraft. Blatant Geoengineering. To call it anything else is absurd.”
Watch the video and you decide!!!