“Manipulated and Controlled” for the NWO Agenda


How far are you willing to go to change the world?

The psychopathic globalists have managed to program society in order to bring on their New World Order (NWO) of a one world tyrannical, “police state” governance.

For some, this might be difficult to see or acknowledge for no one wants to believe that anyone has control over their reality.

However, people have to at least look into the ways in which all power gains control over their larger populous. If they don’t, then they will remain a slave to that oligarchy of control and manipulation and in the end, only end up hurting themselves and the ones they love. 

Being aware and alert is one of the great changes we need from the masses, however, if we are not aware of how we are being manipulated and controlled, then no amount of information will assist in that awakening. The first step in breaking free of the programming is to acknowledge that it exists. 

Our society is sick because of how we have been purposely propagated and if we do not commence a major shift in consciousness very soon, then I am afraid we may all be doomed globally. 

Below you will find one of the best and most concise insights into “how societies are manipulated and controlled” Everyone should watch this… Everyone should share this ..

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