Israeli News Announces Ebola Patient in Dallas Has Died (Updated with Video)

Editor’s note: We reported on this situation last night with many questions as to why just one Israeli newsource, claiming they received the information of the first US Ebola patient’s death from Reuters, however, Reuters had NOTHING on Thomas Duncan being deceased; only still in critical condition. You can read it here.

Something else to think about; Rothschild owns Reuters.

In addition, this morning, we posted the below information on our Facebook page and asked this question:

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Continue reading the following information that comes via The Daily Sheeple and see what you think. Thank you.

Thomas Duncan, the first person in the United States who was diagnosed with Ebola, was reported to have died today after succumbing to the virus.

Thomas A. Duncan, who became ill with Ebola after arriving from West Africa in Dallas two weeks ago, succumbed to the virus today (Sunday), reportsReuters. Duncan was fighting for his life at a Dallas hospital on today after his condition worsened to critical, according to the director of the US Centers for Disease Control.


This is according to an Israeli news report. The information has not yet been released or confirmed in the United States at the time of publication.

This comes after a veritable comedy of errors.  First, Duncan came into the country with the illness. Then, he was turned away from the hospital, even though he told them he had come from Liberia.  After that, he went home and exposed numerous people, including children who subsequently attended school. When he returned to the hospital, he vomited on the sidewalk. The vomit was power washed away by workers using no protective gear. He was put in an ambulance and the paramedics were not told he’d been diagnosed with Ebola, as they continued to drive around in the contaminated vehicle for the next two days, hauling patients.  The CDC keeps surreptitiously changing information on their website about transmission of the disease, and they refuse to close the border to travelers who’ve been in the area where Ebola has reached epidemic levels.

Given all of these mistakes, it’s no surprise that they may be reluctant to announce the patient has died.