See The Signs: Airborne Ebola Mutations & Medical Martial Law


With America now aware that former’ Ebola patient Rick Sacra has been readmitted to a Boston area hospital due to a ‘respiratory illness, all across the internet people are now warning that this new mutation will soon lead to medical martial law. 

Tom Lupshu has put out the brand new must see video below in which he bluntly warns America will soon be put on lockdown as Ebola runs rampant across the country as cold weather arrives, a diagnosis confirmed by the US Army in the 2nd video below, that Ebola, like the flu, needed Cold Weather to go airborne.


Will Tom’s warning of widespread civil unrest, violence and a very high level of government control across America soon come true?

Let’s all pray that Tom is wrong as America draws closer to dictatorship and lockdown nationwide. In any event, please o some preparedness. Thanks.