Scary Proof Something’s About To Happen [VIDEO]

Julie Telgenhoff

This shocking released video report, shown below, is from Jason A and it provides us with all the proof we need that something huge is about to happen in the “not to distant” future.
At the one minute mark of the video, we can hear that a new report by the ACLU finds that police forces throughout the US are arming their law enforcement agents with weapons and tactics of war …Weapons and equipment that’s specifically designed for the war zone, that’s flooding into local police and so when they have it, they are going to want to use it.
When police officers are looking like soldiers, acting like soldiers, they’re going to start to see everyone around them as an enemy instead of people to protect and to serve and hence, that is a catalyst in serving to keep the cycle of violence going.


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What we’ve seen specifically through this 1033 program; that’s the Department of Defense (DOD) program which allows the  transfer of weapons and vehicles and all types of equipment to police departments for free . This is reaching every state; all 50 states, and almost $5 BILLION worth of equipment has been handed out since this has been enacted. We see that no one is really safe from this police weaponized program.
This is what Defense Tech had to say about Police Departments having Military Armed themselves in recent years through the Defense Department’s excess property program, known as the 1033 Program:
 “During the U.S.-led wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, the military spent almost $50 billion buying a fleet of 20,000 blast-resistant trucks, known as Mine-Resistant Ambush-Protected vehicles, or MRAPs, to protect troops from deadly roadside bombs.
Now, hundreds of the hulking vehicles belong to local police departments.The program’s website includes among the inventory available for transfer such guns as the M-16A2 assault rifle, M-14 rifle and M-1911 .45-caliber pistol, such vehicles as the iconic Humvee utility vehicle and MRAP, and even aircraft and boats.”
The below video compilation puts together events that occurred over the last couple of months that prove our country has been overthrown and something evil awaits on the horizon for us, just waiting to be fully unleashed upon the US populous.
Watch this short 10 minute video. You may also want to get to know your local sheriff and police department and while establishing a good relationship with them, inquire into the 1033 Program and ask them wether or not they are participating in it. This video is a must see!!!

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