US Intel: Over 200 Going to Jail Over Sandy Hook False Flag!

Veterans Today Radio really blew out the truth about Sandy Hook in this interview!

Stew Webb, Jim Fetzer and Preston James go over all the new information they have on Sandy Hook!

There have already been murders of 3 witnesses that were going to expose Sandy Hook as a false flag! Preston James says they have already identified over 200 people that have been involved with the planning, execution, financial frauds and coverup of Sandy Hook. Preston James says people are going to jail over this!


Enjoy the show as Stew Webb, James Fetzer and Preston James give you the most up to date information about Sandy hook in the first hour of this interview. These men have decades of experience in whistleblowing and reporting on the crime syndicate running America! 

In the first hour, James Fetzer and Preston James talk about the new evidence that proves Sandy Hook was an elaborate hoax. They were running a drill! No kids died and everybody that knew it was a drill got rich.

There have been several people killed to cover this up already. Preston James says that people are going to prison over this eventually. This was a terror act against the American people to attempt to take our guns! Wolfgang just converted a packed room of Oath Keepers, police, and EMS that Sandy Hook was a hoax!

In the second hour, Jim Dean gives a very detailed about what’s going on in Ukraine, Syria, Iran and on the current Ebola situation.

In the last half hour, Dr. Croft joined Stew Webb to talk about the Ebola situation in depth. He reports that as of 2 months ago he knew of 30 cases inside the US that he had collected through his nurse friends.

  • EWhit

    Why was there a 10 second pause where nothing was playing 43:02 to 43:12? He was naming groups that were corrupt along with the FBI. Was this info censored?