HIGHLY RECOMMENDED: The Occult Aspects of 9/11 …The ENTIRE Agenda!!! [Video]

by Julie Telgenhoff

Can you feel that humanity is not evolving?

Can you feel something just isn’t right?

Do you see things that you know aren’t working, but that humanity continues to do the same things over and over again and never is there any different result? In fact, have things not only gotten worse?

Could the information in the below video be one of the reasons as to why this paradigm shift in consciousness is not happening nor is it going to happen unless we understand what on earth is happening?

The below video is a very long and informative however, it is one of the key reasons as to why humanity is not evolving.

The OCCULT (hidden) aspect of the horrific false flag operation on 9/11 was to destroy “CARE” energy that we humans possess for other humans  …the destruction of consciousness.

That spark of “DIVINE CARE” inherent within all of us was intended to be destroyed by this horrific event that has traumatized the populous to where if you were paying attention, you clearly heard Bush’s 2006 speech where the emphasis was Americans being encouraged to indulge in more consumerism. In affect, that left us “caring” more about things than in humans themselves. 

Satanism, in short, is the worship of ego and the fiat system of money called the Federal Reserve petro/war-dollar (that is not federal nor does it have any reserves) that results in the consuming of things that we really do not need. 

It saddens me to see so many of my fellow American brothers and sisters who are completely asleep at the wheel in regards to what is being done to not only them and their country, but other countries around the world being invaded and the murder of many innocence by those we call, the powers that should NOT be and then carried out by their “order followers” in the US military or well funded and armed mercenaries, called terrorists.  

For me, as I can only speak for my country, I can clearly see that people are either giving up (apathy/lowest vibrational frequency), not “caring” (9/11 occult aspect) or they continue to strive for a fake American Dream that was always based upon ego and materialism in the first place. Please know that I do not mean all Americans, and in all honesty, can we not see how the US is being systematically destroyed from within to where many are just trying to get by and therefore, the “caring” has been replaced by mere survival?

The gentleman speaking in the below video, Mark Passio, gets more specific into this “Destruction of the Sacred Energy of CARE” concept about 35-36:00 into the video, but some may only understand and believe that this “Care” energy has only to do with the male verses female physical 3-D aspects to which just feeds into the “divide and conquer” agenda of how the larger populous is reigned over by those in control of this planet. The true meaning is that everything is energy and has a frequency or vibration. All humans possess both masculine/feminine energy attributes. 

This is a war on the goddess/earth and it is destroying the good people on this planet by destroying that “caring” energy to where in not too far into the future, if more people do not start waking up to what is being intentionally done to them, their country and the entire world, we won’t see any emotions or feelings left  within the human element (soulless zombies/transhumanism).

Whether you believe in this information or not means nothing because those in control do believe in this, and if you cannot see or feel it ….this lack of care going on today, then please I ask that you keep an open mind and just listen.

Occult means “hidden” knowledge. Some use this knowledge for evil, some for good. It is esoteric knowledge to which we all have access to due to the internet, but it has been purposely hidden and then used against humanity as a whole. 

Mark will explain the occult aspects of this horrific false flag; the “DESTRUCTION of heart based knowledge of higher consciousness”  in addition to exposing our inherent Natural Law ***(SEE HERE)***.

Symbolically, this was an attack on what makes us human; those remaining who still possess a soul. It’s about destroying the human and their consciousness on the earth; all of us.

I do hope you will listen to the information with an open mind and not reject all of it because some part isn’t what may fit into a belief system that was created for all of us and never questioned. Thank you.

Highly Recommended website for further information to assist humanity at: whatonearthishappening.com