The Terrifying Future of The United States [Video]

Julie Telgenhoff| We either all wake up and learn to evolve very, very soon or it’s over. This is no secret conspiracy because everything discussed in the video below is “PUBLIC KNOWLEDGE”. 

If one is not aware of this “PUBLIC KNOWLEDGE”, then it is the personal responsibility of the person to educate themselves to which will not be that of sitting on the couch watching the mainstream media (MSM) news that is in bed with Washington.

Since the MSM news is controlled by 6 monolithic corporations, their talking heads just read the script handed down to them by corporate. It is recommended that people utilize internet alternative media, such as A Sheep No More, however, with all things, question and research many resources, including ours. 

orwell boot in face

It’s time and has been time to get local and that means “COMMITMENT”. We can’t change this ‘Terrifying Future’ on a national or global level …it has to commence one community at a time. 

That commitment means joining groups or attending local meetings when one is so drained and tired they can barely function.

That commitment means getting involved on a local level, but before voicing one’s concerns, one has to know what is going on in their local community along with paying attention to the actions of their politicians that work for the Corporation of the United States.

That commitment also means that the time for fun over duty is over, and that duty means action!

This is a choice that people have to make on their own. No one can make anyone do something that they do not desire nor care to get involved in. 

It’s decision time. What will yours be?