10/24/14 Washington School Shooting: CNN Caught Saying SWAT Drill Day Before Shooting!

CNN broadcasted a strange announcement during the October 24th coverage of the school shooting that supposedly occurred in Washington state to which many of us started questioning …could this shooting have been a  premeditated event?

It was reported that a freshman student at the Marysville-Pilchuck High School entered the campus and shot multiple people, killing one, before then turning the gun on himself.

As the news about an active shooter at Marysville-Pilchuck High School (just North of Seattle) was breaking,  A CNN reporter seemed caught off-guard when she was handed something to read cold.


During the live coverage of the event that was unfolding, one can hear anchor Brooke Baldwin saying:

“I’m getting handed information, so bear with me as I just read this cold. ‘Local law enforcement under the direction of the Marysville Police Department will be holding… SWAT training…? This was actually yesterday [October 23]. This was yesterday. They held SWAT training. It happened that they held SWAT training yesterday in the, uh, in the area around the school district.” (source)

It was notification about a SWAT drill that took place the day before around the same area as the school shooting she was currently reporting on.

Although the drill did not occur at the exact same school – as reported by CNN – the fact that a SWAT training exercise was conducted one day prior involving the exact same police department is still a pretty fascinating “coincidence,” especially given the fact that training drills are notoriously used as cover for real world events. (source)


However, it is ultimately for you to decide what to believe. Doing the extensive research and homework, if you choose, should make that decision easier.

Listen to the CNN video coverage captured via videographer Kristi Ann