The EU & US “FAKE” Free Trade Treaty: A Hostile Corporate Takeover Of The Entire WORLD!

Julie Telgenhoff

Why I share this information anymore is beyond me. It seems as though more and more people do not care anymore about what these political scumbags are doing behind their back and the future of this planet whilst they so willingly click on everysensationalizedheadline alternative whore news outlet’s propaganda.

I’m getting too old and too tired of the bullsh*t. This trade deal, called the Trans Atlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP), could end up being one of the biggest corporate power grabs in history and it’s being sold, once again, under the guise of “free trade” (remember the NAFTA PSYOP sold under the guise of “free trade” and what results have become of this precious “free trade” deal?).

But let’s be honest, this is really what most awake and asleep at the wheel really want:

"OMG ...I cannot resist the "Shock and Awe" of this website's title! I must click on this website for it's saying, once again, that the end is near! I have to read/listen to this NOW!"

“OMG …I cannot resist the “Shock and Awe” of this website’s title! I must click on this website for it’s saying, once again, that the end is near! I have to read/listen to this NOW!”

Either people start caring and sharing this information or go click on that website that gives you thatshock and aweyou are so desperately programmed and propagated into being sold.

I could easily manipulate every one of you; I know what would make you click on A Sheep No Mores website, what sells & makes that precious fiat and if you all don’t start caring, then I’m going to become just another alternative media whore, just like many in this alternative media have become. Quite frankly, the alternative media has turned into a complete JOKE (I will not bash any of them; you should know which ones they are for there are MANY WHO REFUSE to be media whores)!

Don’t like what I’m saying, oh well. I can easily find another job in the matrix world, but you’ll be the one to have to answer to those children (all children, not just your own) why you didn’t care. Just know that I do not mean all of you are doing this, but if someone doesn’t understand what I am attempting to relate here, then our world is lost, gone and we might as well just give up NOW! .Done ranting!

The Trans Atlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP): The Corporate Coup d’etat to which the owners KNOW no one seems to care anymore, hence welcome to your future hell.

This negotiation process is secret and this treaty could have major negative consequences for all human beings on this entire globe.

Few parties in the European election campaign clearly understand the TTIP (they’re left out in the dark just like many in the Corporation of the United State’s Congress), and this treaty WILL be pushed through as law without any feedback from the people or their representatives. This is what has become of governments today because the larger populous doesn’t want to get involved in what their government is doing…..

Watch this short video via GroenLinks: Get Ready for the TTIP

If interested, read these links on the Tran-Pacific Partnership (TPP), another corporate takeover sold under the guise of FAKE “free trade” and is called NAFTA on STEROIDS. This is another “FAKE” free trade deal currently being pushed because in order to have slaves in a one world governance, corporations need more POWER!

Republican Congressman representing California’s 4th District, Tom McClintock, was at my RCC function last week, and he thought he was just going to be able to give his “divide and conquer”, left vs right (one in the same) speech and walk away as the audience clapped. I cornered him and asked if he knew the ramifications of the TPP. This political PIG LIED to me and said he had no clue. Well, I know too many people who know what he knows and not only does he know about it, he supports it along with a con con. Why did he lie to me? Because he knows I’m a nothing, a peon slave and doesn’t care about me or you or your loved ones; just about keeping his position within the Corporation of the United States …that’s the TRUTH, folks!

Here is Rep. Congress-pig, Tom McClintock’s Facebook page. If you want to send him the love, please feel free and remind him that some peon, who ran for a seat on the El Dorado County, CA GOP Central Voting Committee and assisted with that function he was invited to, was the one to ask him about the “fake” free trade deal (TPP) and he out right LIED to me because he thinks WE ARE ALL just dumbed down slaves to this Corporation. And hey, I am walking my talk and getting involved locally on MANY levels ….something we should all be doing or don’t complain.

politics just because u dont take interest

The following article has been translated from  GROENLINKS:

Currently negotiating the European Union and the United States on a free trade TTIP (Trans Atlantic Trade and Investment Partnership). The negotiation process is not transparent and the treaty could have major negative consequences for humans and environment in Europe. Few parties speak in the European election campaign clearly over TTIP. GL makes before the elections clear that it will vote against the FTA as the following five objections are not removed.

1. TTIP enters the backroom established

The European Commission acts under the direction of Commissioner Karel de Gucht on TTIP on behalf of the EU countries. The European Parliament gave a formal negotiating mandate, but a majority agreed or in a resolution that supported the negotiations (Green voted against, D66, PvdA, VVD and CDA were). The negotiation documents are not available to the public, NGOs and even for national parliaments. Influential business lobbies such as the Transatlantic Business Council are just that closely involved in the negotiations. The European Parliament can only after the outcome yes or say no to the treaty. Commissioner De Gucht TTIP would not be submitted to national parliaments, but demanded the House, on the initiative of Green Left, that indeed happens.

2. TTIP threatens European standards for the safety of our food, the environment and our privacy

The European Union has strict standards for good reasons. We do not tolerate hormone meat or chicken meat treated with chlorine. In the US, these standards do not apply want American companies in TTIP so make arrangements for access to the European market for these undesirable products. US internet giants such as Google and Amazon, carry a hefty lobbying to weaken the new European law for the protection of personal data. At the environmental level there is pressure to weaken the European rules for cleaner fuel so that the export opportunities for dirty tar sand oil and shale gas increase.

3. TTIP erodes the democracy as investors may evade European laws

The FTA includes provisions on investment protection and arbitration (Investor-State Dispute Settlement, ISDS). Companies can use such arbitration mechanism sue countries for international arbitration courts. Behind closed doors here judged by three private arbitrators, beyond the power of national courts and parliaments. Wealthy companies use this mechanism to regulations to complain that the expected profits of the companies potentially affects, even if those rules are there to protect people and the environment. This leads to legislative self-censorship by governments and erodes the democracy. The Swedish energy giant Vattenfall claims under an existing agreement on investment arbitration 3.7 billion compensation from the German government for its decision to phase out nuclear power. The need for this investor protection is dubious in other treaties does it over and over again to stimulate additional investment but there seems to be between the EU and the US as there had been no mutual investments worth 3.5 trillion outstanding.

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4. TTIP put developing countries offside

The choice of the EU and the US for a mutual trade agreement puts the World Trade Organization (WTO) offside. And thus the developing countries. A transatlantic free trade must take into account developing countries find the Greens. Brussels and Washington would have to agree to the trade benefits that they offer to the poorer developing countries to improve and equalize.

5. TTIP supplies the economy as a whole is almost nothing in

Multinationals will benefit from the removal of trade barriers, but the anticipated additional economic growth as a result of the FTA is very limited. Even the negotiator on behalf of the EU, Commissioner De Gucht, can not explain to a journalist why we would put a hypothetical 0.05% to economic growth. Our democracy, food security, privacy, environment and animal welfare rules in the game Moreover TTIP impairs the ability of the EU to innovate. The EU is leading the world with protecting people and the environment. This relatively high European standards are an important part of our economic strength: they challenge companies to be a leader in new technology. That creates export opportunities. Citizens or businesses it serve if we sacrifice our standards on free trade.

Translated from  GROENLINKS
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