The Only Way Out ….War!!!

Julie Telgenhoff

My prediction is that there will soon be a huge push to get us into war to cover up the inevitable economic reset.

The western economy is crippled permanently since it is based on a pyramid scheme, hence fraud.


This game has been perpetual:  Ease of monetary regulations, fractional banking, interest paid on every note printed, making debt cheap to which was all created by government’s contacts with central banks and Wall Street. The populous fell for it and the government needed and appreciated their ignorance (which is just a lack of information and in this case covertly hidden) in order to create forever debt slaves.

The “rigged” housing market game:  Owning a home was promoted by dirt cheap loans promoted by government, backed by “for-profit” banks, sealed by the mortgage lending contacts, then nicely packaged and sold off by Wall Street.

Is there a way out via classic politics?
No, because all our money is created out of thin air, based upon government debt and the control of this monetary system is in the exclusive hands of private banking cartels.
The game is rigged and left in the hands of the Corporation of the United States to create some form of new monetary “change” will only lead to another form of corruption.
Since all our money is based upon government debt, the solution lies in reforming our banking system (that’s why talk about paying off national debt without the banking system being reformed, is impossible).
The only way out of this mess is for the good people to force a system of change to where whatever the unit of exchange is, it is in the hands of the people. This can only commence on a local level; one city, county, state at a time. In addition, it will take a total “commitment” from the people.
By now, most people should be aware that The Federal Reserve is a privately-owned, for-profit corporation that is owned by private banks and is neither federal or has reserves. It was chartered under a guise of deceit in 1913. The Federal Reserve operates outside the control of the U.S. Congress and manipulates the credit. The Federal Reserve has total control; it’s the largest single creditor of the United States.
“The Borrower is always servant to the Lender!”

One of the best educations one can receive regarding the money system is called “The Money Masters” by Bill Still. It is a 1996 three and a half hour non-fiction, historical documentary film that discusses the concepts of money, debt, taxes, and describes their development from biblical times onward. It also covers the history of fractional-reserve banking, central banking, monetary policy, the bond market, and the Federal Reserve System in the United States. 

History shows that money systems only change after a big war, and unfortunately that monetary “change” usually ends up in the hands of the same criminals who had previously benefited from duping the good people of this world.
The youth are the future of world, and their future is being completely destroyed economically. Will the good people make it their duty and responsibility to get involved and commit themselves, so that there will be an economic future for our youth?

“European commission now reports the recovery is delayed and Europe is in a triple dip recession. Factory orders in the US decline again. Home prices slow and are now in a decline. The housing bubble is popping. People in Europe will owe the banks money with negative interest rates. Qatar becomes a trading hub for the Chinese yuan. Illegals bring illness into the US. US wants more troops to stay in Afghanistan. NATO needs more troops in the Baltic states. Poroshenko dispatches troops to the East. FBI reports people easily swayed on the internet to cause terror. Tell on your neighbor if they look suspicious. Be prepared for a false flag event.”  – X22Report

Via X22Report ….please take the time to watch. Thanks!

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