America Destroyed by Design [Video]

Editor’s Note:  This video is from 1998 and is Alex Jones’ first film. This is of my personal opinion so I do not expect anyone to agree with me because opinions are just that …opinions. I do believe that maybe Alex Jones, back at the time of this filming in 1998, was someone who was awake and attempting to wake others up. However, as of today, my opinion (remember opinion as I have no proof) is that he’s controlled resistance. Controlled resistance always gives 85-90 percent truth, however, there is always an agenda. What that agenda is I won’t discuss. I thank the individual, Maria, for revealing this video to me as I did not even know it existed because I attempt to not utilized Infowar’s information. Remember this video is from back in 1998 and whether people love or hate Alex Jones,  I can only say “wow” because at that time I was a total 150% sheep who was so successful in the matrix fake “American Dream”, that I would have thought this man a wacko. However, being that the corporation and my career, the big home, beautiful children, money, company car and on and on were my priorities (all by design I see now …from Agenda 21 to MSM lies and predictive programming to the 9/11 false flag to the police state, gun control, Patriot Act, NDAA, fake war on terror, endless wars, NWO and more), I wouldn’t even have been exposed to Jones because I trusted the MSM news talking heads (LOL).  If you haven’t seen this, please watch. Thanks.


Per the video via ConspiracyScope:

From government sponsored terrorism to the takeover of our national parks to biometrics — this tape has the information you need!

Find out how the sovereignty of the United States is being subordinated to the globalist interests, through such examples as the Foundations at the Presidio and the Panama Canal.

See how the United Nations and Chinese Interests are affecting our nation.

Witness the United Nation’s indoctrination of America’s children.

Video also includes interviews with witnesses of the Oklahoma City Bombing and more. 

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