This Is Why You Need To Uninstall Your Phone’s Flashlight App …NOW!

b2ap3_thumbnail_FlashLightApp-OrlandoWhats2hot This is one of the most shocking videos seen in recent times.

Your smartphone is spying on you.

Smartphone flashlight Apps, nearly everyone has them, right? They’re convenient and quick to get to at a moments notice, but did you know that your simple flashlight app is spying on you? 

Over half a BILLION smartphones are affected by ‘flashlight’ apps!!!

With all the cyber-crime and identity theft going on, (not to mention spying) You should really take into consideration what you’re about to learn. 

Gary Miliefsky, founder of, has recently conducted research on the implications of downloading common smartphone flashlight apps.  What he found is disturbing.  

According to his research, the TOP 10 flashlight apps are all malware that is sending your most vital information for criminal activity.

These apps are literally spying and stealing information such as your name, address, credit cards, bank accounts, your location, family pictures and videos, as well as all your friends and contact information.

In addition, you yourself agree to this when you click ‘accept’ on their privacy policy – which is a 25 page long document that no one cares to read.

So let’s just uninstall our flashlight apps right? …Wrong!

Gary Miliesfky also found that the majority of these malware flashlight apps also install Trojan viruses on your smartphone so just uninstalling the app leaves the Trojan virus running on your phone waiting for you to conduct important actions such as mobile banking. 

How to stay safe from spying, cyber-crime, identity theft, you ask?

Watch this video to find out what to do to protect yourself and then please share this information with your family and friends! Thanks from A Sheep No More:

Video via Bret Baier:

If you’re worried about your vital information being at risk, here are some tips from Gary Miliefsky. 

  • Get a real flashlight from your local hardware store!
  • Don’t just uninstall your app, back up your contacts and important pictures and get a factory reset.  This helps alleviate the headache of dealing with a Trojan virus on your smartphone.
  • If you absolutely need a flashlight app, look for the apps that are under 100kb.  The ones that are usually malware have large file sizes from 1.2Mb – 5Mb. 


  • Kate

    What about the flashlight app that is already installed on the phone. I never downloaded one, but one is already on my phone.