♬ COLDPLAY Top Hits in 432Hz ♬ ….Tuned to NATURE!!!

The sound of 432 Hz should feel like it’s inside your head, not coming through your ears, and your head should feel like a sound chamber. If you can’t hear the difference, chances are you can’t taste extra virgin olive oil.


The industry standard is 440Hz which makes music sound like waves hitting your eardrums trying to penetrate into your head. Notice the difference?

Did you know that in 1955 The International Standardization Organization (ISO) made 440 Hz a general tuning standard for musical pitch? Before that it was 432 Hz.

As you may know, sound has the biggest impact in our thinking.

432 Hz makes the sound of music more harmonious, calm, promotes happiness and deep understanding, passion.

440 Hz is more energetic, faster, it is almost like racing. It is more competitive and focusing on the details, the understanding of the things we can see.

So why would someone and most importantly how, decide that 440 Hz is better than 432 Hz?

Because music touches us where nothing else can, where the essence of our Emotional Being is, and if you control what emotions/thoughts the music promotes, then your work of controlling the world is 99% done.

“They” don’t want people to understand Our True Nature and Our Higher Self. “They” want us to be in a hurry, to believe only what we see and be competitive about material things. “They” want us to forget about humanity and destroy the “CARE” to which is inherent in both sexes.

This way the 99% of us will live in the reality that the 1% will create for us. The purpose is for the 1% to shape the reality of the 99% through various control methods. “They” have accomplished that, and “They” are damn good in keeping the control.”   – By Dejan Davchevski


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COLDPLAY fans can expect to experience a new dimension in sound with 432 Hz. What’s the difference? 440Hz sounds like the music is coming from outside your head via your eardrums. 432 Hz sounds like the music is already inside your head, it doesn’t sound as ‘jagged’.