SOME UPDATES: Chaos & Division on Demand: Who Is Pulling the Strings in Ferguson?

Editor’s Note: Please wake up and start connecting the dots to “HOW” a larger populous is CONTROLLED via the “Divide and Conquer/Rule” Agenda.

This is the main reason as to why we can never unite and take down the real evil, albeit smaller, but obviously more powerful because their psychological operations (psyops) are working. 

The controllers of our reality and hence, our world, use their MSM media to control our thoughts. Even some alternative media outlets are “unintentionally” guilty of doing the “this vs that” article.  That “this vs that” is in REAL reality, you vs me and we are not a part of this criminal cabal organization.

Yet all we see is division of the false left vs right paradigm (they are all bought and sold out or if any good, they’ll be dealt with), the race war of blue vs black vs yellow vs red vs white, please here me out …this is planned GENOCIDE against all of us on a GLOBAL level. If you don’t believe me just look at the Georgia Guidestones or actual quotes of wanting to depopulate the planet from some of these elitist scumbags who are in this criminal cabal here and here. Never mind all we know about GMOs, Vaccines, Fluoride, Geo-engineering (AKA: Chemtrails), Codex Alimentarius, WAR etc etc …


A united larger populous is the biggest FEAR in the world to these psychopaths bent on world control, and yet time and time again, people keep falling for the division BS. 

Here’s an ALTERNATIVE Newsdivide and conquerarticle, but still more proof of this Ferguson set up. The title:Obama Met With Ferguson Activists – Said He’s Concerned They Stay on Course”. Per this article, it’s focus was left vs right and white vs black (just see the comments), yet there was no mention of agent provocateurs involved in these Ferguson businesses being looted or throwing “molotov cocktails” and trashing stores as was reported HERE.

Here is some FOX MSM News Propaganda titled:Muslim groups seek to co-opt Ferguson protests, says watchdog group“. This is obviously to invoke the religiousdivide and conquer“, Christians vs Islam.

Here’s some more for you: BREAKING: Al Sharpton Announces Nationwide Race Riots… Here’s the List of Cities He’s Targeting …source is some conservative so-called alternative media website. Left and Right doing the same ole song and it’s getting old.

Do we all want to keep fighting and fractioning off into little groups of hate and division whilst the cabal pulls the rug from underneath our feet? Because that’s exactly what I’m seeing all over the MSM and social media. And people wonder why, globally, we are all going down; unless you are a part of that criminal cabal, a puppet or will sell your soul to join them.  We regular folks are being played and just like sheep, we are being led to our eventual demise and slaughter.


Here’s the “REAL AGENDA”!!!

Thanks to Professor Michel Chossudovskys article titled,26 Things About the Islamic State (IS/ISIS/ISIL) that YOU are NOT to Know About!“, even this IS/ISIS/ISIL CREATION has another “HIDDEN” agenda besidesdivide and conquerusing religion as it’s guise. Pay attention to #24 through #26 and then start connecting the dots to the reality that is created for all of us and we keep falling for it:

24. The homegrown terrorist threat is a fabrication.  It is promoted by Western governments and the media with a view to repealing civil liberties and installing a police state. The terror attacks by alleged jihadists and terror warnings are invariably staged events. They are used to create an atmosphere of fear and intimidation.

In turn, the arrests, trials and sentences of “Islamic terrorists” sustain the legitimacy of America’s Homeland Security State and law enforcement apparatus, which has become increasingly militarized.

The ultimate objective is to instill in the minds of millions of Americans that the enemy is real and the U.S. Administration will protect the lives of its citizens.

25.  The “counter-terrorism” campaign against the Islamic State has contributed to the demonization of Muslims, who in the eyes of Western public opinion are increasingly  associated with the jihadists.

26.  Anybody who dares to question the validity of the “Global War on Terrorism” is branded a terrorist and subjected to the anti-terrorist laws.

The ultimate objective of the “Global War on Terrorism” is to subdue the citizens, totally depoliticize social life in America, prevent people from thinking and conceptualizing, from analyzing facts and challenging the legitimacy of the inquisitorial social order which rules America.

To condense the article it’s called POLICE STATE USA including eventual Martial Law and more Freedoms GONE that we will NEVER get back once they are GONE. Period!!!

How do we “wake up” the masses who clearly cannot help themselves because somehow this infighting against their fellow brothers/sisters has become common play; maybe it gives us some kind of high when we fight it out with one another? We are truly good slaves to ALL our governments around the world.

Please continue reading on and watching this great video via as they provide even more information about this Ferguson event NOT just some organic movement:

“What’s happening right now in front our eyes is like watching a movie.

Did you know that this has all been expertly planned, organized, scripted and timed?

Did you know that Obama is set to announce his executive amnesty Thursday night and none of the main networks are going to carry the speech?

Did you know that there are outlets now reporting they think, oh so coincidentally, that the grand jury is going to come back with its decision Friday? (So certainly no one will be paying attention to that pesky amnesty part…)


This whole thing in Ferguson is set to go, on purpose, right on time, as the agenda has scripted.

It doesn’t even matter what the grand jury decides now. The Missouri governor has preemptively declared a state of emergency and called out the national guard before the grand jury has even decided in the Michael Brown case.

They have pushed everyone’s buttons, set the endgame and it has worked. Martial law, anyone?

The powers that shouldn’t be are pulling all the strings in Ferguson and across the country people are allowing themselves to become little puppets for another Hegelian Dialectic puppet show. FULL ARTICLE W/ LIST OF CITIES UP AT TSM:

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