The Destruction of the U.S. is PLAYING Itself Out RIGHT NOW …& You’re Playing the GAME!!!!

The United States is a nation in its death throes, on the path to total collapse, and the below video will explain why!!! 

There are 3 pillars of POWER that ALL governments depend on:

1: The control of ideas and belief

2: The control of money and finance

3: The monopoly on violence

And it is these BELIEFS and then the REACTIONS of the Larger populous that gives the legitimacy of government to which then renders the people completely POWERLESS in the end.

Americans ….why is the truth so painful, and then when confronted with information that is in conflict with your “staged reality”, you completely shut down?

Americans ….where did your BELIEF SYSTEMS come from?

Have you ever questioned or challenged these BELIEF SYSTEMS?

If you’re being honest with yourself, you will answer the question verses dismissing it!!!

 Watch this AMAZING clip via StormCloudsGathering: