How Our Reality Is Built

This is short video presentation, Mark Passio explains:

“How Our Reality Is Built”

1) Knowledge (or lack thereof)

Available Information:
This constitutes potential Knowledge that may be gathered, processed, understood and acted upon by individuals.

2) Understanding (or lack thereof)

Decision-Making Processes:
These processes take place in the human Mind and are chosen by each individual based upon available information.

3) Wisdom (or lack thereof)

Human Behaviour:
Each individuals behaviour is based upon the quality of their decision-making processes which, in turn, are based upon the quality of their available information.

4) Generated Result (Order or Chaos?)

Manifested Reality:
The quality of the condition which manifests in any society is based upon the aggregate quality of human behaviour within that society.

This is a short excerpt from Mark Passio’s phenomenal presentation on our inherent “Natural Law”: