How can people be so dumb to not get this?

Other countries wonder why the US population, who think they’re so intelligent, are so f**king dumb and lazy. No matter what kind of evidence you give them, they are still believing in their illegitimate government and the corporations it is in bed with to care about them?

Yep ..the majority think they know because their dumbed down dentist, trained by the ruling class institutions, told them so and that’s how they know fluoride is safe and good for dental health. I’ll bet there was no problem reading “RULING CLASS” if you’re still asleep at the wheel, but I doubt anyone asleep would be at this website. RULING CLASS ….so you are a SLAVE and a person OWNS YOU and that is just fine and dandy!!!


It’s past the point of insanity.

Drink your fluoride and brush with it too.

Fluoride Officially Classified as a Neurotoxin in World’s Most Prestigious Medical Journal

Fluoride is industrial waste. Why do the masses continue to use this toxic substance?