NATURAL LAW or Slavery …You Decide!!!

The degree to which we, collectively, live our lives in adherence with natural law, will determine the kind of world we create: the reality that manifests around us.


What are the principles, or first things, underlying Natural Law?


What binds all these things together?


But this is already known to us.


What are the consequences of following Natural Law or ignoring it?


In absolute truth, Natural Law is inherent based upon moral code and teaches us the difference between right and wrong.


You can continue on reading and watch the Natural Law Seminar in 3 parts  ..or… you can watch Mark Passio‘s full length Natural Law presentation here: 

What distinguishes Natural Law from man’s created law?


What we really want from life?




We don’t have to look far to see which way we are heading but, we can change things by seeking and speaking the truth.

Combining the laws of nature (physical) with natural law (spiritual) by giving your TIME and ATTENTION (care/true love), reveals the nature of true currency.

Please use this material and take the TIME to help de-slave your loved ones and the rest of humanity by listening to Mark Passio’s 3 part presentation on our inherent Natural Law …it truly is the only answer to de-slaving humanity. Thank you. 

More of Mark Passio’s work here: 

Natural Law Seminar: 1 of  3

Natural Law Seminar: 2 of 3

Natural Law Seminar: 3 of 3 

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