Kick-Ass Interview on Cancel The Cabal …Watch It And LEARN!!!

Mark Passio‘s excellent interview on Cancel The Cabal.

Learn Natural Law and teach it to every single human being residing on this planet. It’s really that simple. 


Until we change our thoughts and then change our behavior, above all else, only then conditions will change. Until we change those conditions WITHIN OURSELVES, we cannot expect outside conditions to change.

Humanity remains ignorant, which is not knowing something because that information WAS NOT available, however, now that it is presently available, many choose to disregard it because they say they want change, but in reality, they do not really want the tremendous responsibility that comes with changing the current conditions on this planet.

Most are, in reality, waiting for something they believe greater than themselves to save themselves/humanity. 

Please get INSPIRED and watch this truly Kick-Ass Interview by one of my heroes, Mark Passio. Thanks. 

Fast forward to 4 minutes into this video get to the meat and bones of Mark’s truly one and only solution to de-enslaving us all. 

Via Dismantle The Matrix 

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