The War on ISIS EXPLAINED in 2008 …You’ve Got to SEE THIS!!!

This is an very important video right now during this time!

It is pretty obvious that those who are pulling off these events are laughing at all of us; hardly even trying to veil the deep, dark occult (hidden) underpinnings of the foreign policy decisions that are being made and played out today.

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The below video explains how the 3 major religions fit into current geopolitics.

After watching this video, you will see that this is a proof of the Hermetic principle of “as above, so below”.

As the individual units of consciousness upon the planet becomes unbalanced toward one polarity or the other, you will see the reflection happen on a grand scale on the entire planet.

The earth is in a state of left-brain imbalance because we are all in a state of left-brain imbalance. 

Watch the short clip below to see all of this further explained. You won’t be disappointed:

The video is a small segment of Mark Passio’s lecture from “What on Earth is Happening.”

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