Are You The “Normal Man/Woman?”

Julie Telgenhoff| The herd has their monoculture. They obey, just follow orders, and they suffer. Everyone influences everyone.

It is a mental illness that this herd mentality creates; they belong ultimately to the masses.

As Aldous Huxley says below:


In Freudian psychology, talking things out is one of the ways we resolve our problems. By talking to a shrink, or getting together with one of our friends and letting everything out that is bothering you, it is a form of therapy. There truly is this form of energy called “kinetic energy” and if it is not gotten rid of or released in some way, it will eventually become “potential energy” to where it will affect the lives of humans whether it becomes some sort of disease state or mental disfunction.

We humans have always gotten socially together so that the unreflected things become reflected. In this postmodern, mass-telecommunication culture, the goal is actually now the opposite. All of our individual thoughts, emotions and identities have become the general property of the masses.

The internet in it’s many vicissitudes (with most recent Facebook as the most obvious and significant example) is most guilty of accomplishing this. Think about the Freudian idea of digging into our deepest, darkest and most private and unpleasant past memories in order to analyze and solve a problem we have – to help us know ourselves.

Modern communication takes these memories from that clear area of self-examination and throws them across the city for all to see. We have lost our privacy – we are a culture of needing to know, but for all the wrong reasons. We’re voyeuristic, not looking for answers to life’s eternal questions.

So, we’ve gone from an introspective culture of examining and learning from traditions, to one which aims to forget the past by overloading us with information and distorting what is right and wrong. It’s the goal of mass culture to bury the transgressions of the past. The parts that we can understand and reflect on are so small – the trillions of tons of paper and websites out there – most of them have no meaning to everyone …the goal of mass culture is to make sure the narratives of our lives fit somewhere in those documents.

We’ve become so monocultural – through television, internet and other forms of media, that are our memories even our  own memories?

So what is culture anymore? It used to be things we created as opposed to nature. Well now, it’s everything and it’s everywhere. With virtual reality, with world theme parks, with communication online, YouTube, etc …we don’t even have to leave our homes to experience the world. 

Thinking this way really makes me want to go back and live in the 1930s. To have modern technology and the ability to travel the world with ease, but without the world spoiled by the hyper information age. I want to find those parts of the world still unexplored, and not posted all over my Facebook news feed. [quote]


Similar to Freud’s iceberg theory, which one do you wish to exploit? The conscious level or the unconscious level?

I want to help people learn more things about themselves verses the trained indoctrination, created reality to where people are no longer human … just going through life like robots. We are told to get the best schooling so we can get the best job, and end up just being another order follower” who can no longer judge what is morally right from wrong. We end up hating our work and after marriage and kids, we are literally stuck in that position of employment because we now need that same amount of income to just provide basic needs for the family.

Oh and by the way, if you believe in a Creator, and I’m in no way into man-made religion, but I do believe in and truly FEEL something I call the Creator …may I ask if you believe that our one Creator would desire this type of master/slave system for we humans who supposedly incarnated onto this planet as a “spiritual being who is suppose to be living a human experience?” We all know that there are many talented children who are told that they cannot pursue that gift because, well, they won’t make enough federal reserve notes and therefore, doesn’t that kind of prove that money truly is what we now have to depend on, worship and is therefore, our new Creator?

We continue to follow the crowd because of the fear of isolation should we one day break free and be different; which is really “who WE are” and “why our spirit incarnated upon this earth”. We end up feeling despondent and are just going through the motions of what we were told was the way humans do life, and these same brainwashing ideologies become belief systems. They keep getting passed down from generation to generation to where the lies have now become the truth and because of that, people never learn how to question anything anymore; they’re unable to even discern information for the real truth.

This darwinian, hierarchal, dog eat dog, slave system has created a “sick society” to where massive mind control, brainwashing, deep indoctrination and trauma has created people who care more about hurting one another in order to elevate their status and lessen their own lack of self esteem. And the cycle keeps getting repeated over and over and over again. 

Will there ever be a true “paradigm shift” where the larger populous starts to understand the game and then …takes massive action to make that tremendous shift in consciousness that is so needed …NOW!

I would like to help heal the good people on this planet from the trauma based system of control. This massive “group think” or herd mentality that has been pushed upon the masses as “normalcy” is clearly more like insanity. I’d like to envision a new world to where we can evolve as a species.

How about you?

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