To “Order Followers” In Corrupt Institutions [Video]

1186051_10206265931674273_5010070574274063509_n Are you just an Order Follower?

Are you contributing to the demise of the United States by having a job or corrupt career as an “Order Follower”? 

Do you have the ability to morally know right from wrong or do you justify what you do by saying, “I’m just doing my job”?

Or are you actually creating your own job that then leads the way to employ yourself and hopefully then create jobs for others in order to SAVE the middle class in America?

Do you really value freedom or do you enjoy comfort by your personal gain over the loss of others (slavery)?

It’s an important consideration and one that cannot just be ignored or brushed to the side. This darwinian, master/slave system will never end until a mass amount of brave men and/or women do the right thing (morality).

Listen to this short clip below.

There are solutions, however, it takes TIME (which is really true currency) to listen to what can be done and then one has to put an end to their belief in this current darwinian, hierarchal, slavery system of control now embedded in the minds of most as “normalcy”.

Take the TIME to listen to humanity’s inherent Natural Law.

Via 1stageofawareness

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