The Most Incredible Powerful Video I’ve Seen All Year “The World is Coming to an End”

The World is coming to an end!

Wow … the below video provides an example of a really good rap song.

It is nice, clean and offers a clear message; a message that has to do with the world we all live-in, our attitudes, and how we behave has an affect upon the whole.


“The economy is collapsing, education is shot, police are corrupt, intelligence is shunned and ignorance rewarded”

“More people want 15 seconds of fame than a life time of meaning and purpose because what’s popular is more important than what is right”

“Our role models today, 60 years ago would have been examples of what not to be”

We all need to wake-up before it’s too late! Please listen and share this video … because there is a solution. Amazing Truth!