How The Owners Divide & Conquer Their Slaves Into Checkmate!!!

divide-and-conquer-left-vs-right-2 “The United States is nothing but a oligarchy run by a handful of international banking syndicates, their multi-national corporate cronies, and the politicians in their back pockets.”

“This is the ultimate example of DIVIDE and CONQUER in action. A small readily-definable ruling oligarchy that no serious political observer denies the existence of is able to keep the public from attacking it by dividing them along ideological grounds so that the public spends all it’s time arguing over definitions and splitting doctrinal hairs instead of attacking the commonly acknowledged enemy. You couldn’t ask for a more perfect system of CONTROL.”

The problem is so open and blatantly in our face as to why the slaves don’t do anything nor does anything get done about it by the slave masters.

Watch this video and get some good advice, that is, if you care about the future of America more than the latest “shock and awe” article that your favorite “conspiracy” alternative news site wants you to $EE.

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