Unedited, Never Released Version of ‘Gray State: The Rise’ CENSORED POLICE STATE MOVIE – WATCH BEFORE IT’S REMOVED!

David Crowly was the writer/director of the CONTROVERSIAL movie known as Gray State: The Rise, a documentary that exposes the NWO Global Police State and Martial Law.

Last week, 29 -year-old David Crowley, his wife Komel, 28, and their 5-year old daughter, Rani, were found MURDERED, apparently by gunshot, in their house in Apple Valley, Minnesota.


Gray State: The Rise had just been reported, according to our sources, to have inked a deal for $30 million to produce the film after the trailer for the film became very popular on the internet.

The movie’s tagline was, “When Liberty Dies, Patriot’s Rise” and is an amazingly well done and truthful depiction of what is consider most likely to happen during the end of the US petrodollar being the global currency and the global economic reset.

This movie was going to be a hit as many had been greatly looking forward to seeing it come to fruition by those in the freedom/truth communities.

This film would have perhaps been the most GRAPHIC and UNAPOLOGETIC look at the TRUE EVIL of GOVERNMENT!

By popular demand, Gray State: The Rise, has just been released in it’s raw uncut version. Please share with as many people as you can. These videos are being highly censored and removed.

Via Robert Tarr

  • Looks amazing hope they make it cant believe they wiped his whole family out God rest their souls!

  • Nellie Morton

    It always deeply saddens me when good people are murdered and the whole world does not stop to pay their respects and thoroughly investigate their deaths. What good are the police for if not this? I didn’t watch the whole movie, but I got basic concepts from it. Self reliance, say ‘no’ every chance you get, money is only worth something because people socially accept it as such, governments lead by force, capitalism is evil, and the only way to beat the New World Order is to win the ‘info war’. This why I am promoting new Indigenous governments in every country, without abolishing the existing government, using Aotearoa New Zealand as a model, because i see it as a stepping stone, to a permission based government that truly acts in the best interests of its people, unlike the governments that rule by force. That way, government entities no longer have monopoly, and people have a choice – capitalism, or socialism if you like. In my case, running as M.a.o.r.i. President of M.O.A., we will use whatever forms are necessary to ensure we are essentially ‘permission based’. Check out my twitter campaign: https://twitter.com/globalmaoriinfo