American Sniper & Americans’ Diseased & Controlled Minds

Please watch this video. It really is the truth of how diseased the US people have become. It is called massive mind control, and I KNOW that good people that I care about might be saying the exact same things that these people are speaking. Good people ….but morally irresponsible and hence, not good people.


You literally have to watch real people from America discussing, quite frankly, their total ignorance and in total support of their government as if that government could do no wrong.

This is serious. It highly disturbed me to watch these people being interviewed and yet, if they were in the same position CLEARLY they would not be speaking out of their “total lack of care or concern” mouths.

Better wake up America. Hell is coming your way. It is YOUR responsibility to assist others in the US in understanding how these belief systems have turned Americans into utter selfish beasts who can in reality, no longer think.

Please, if there is anyone seeing this or if you share this with anyone and they cannot see how MANIPULATED and MIND CONTROLLED the US people have become, please ask them to defend their position with factual proof (not snopes LOL etc.) 

Show them this and this and MAKE them watch this and this