Warning: Deadly Flash Freeze Coming

Incredible readings and records will fall as wind chill factors as low as -45F (negative 45!) hits Detroit on Saturday night into Sunday morning, with -20 extending far down into the United States through Sunday. But there’s more …


This is extremely dangerous so you must make sure you have heaters working AND make sure you GET A CARBON MONOXIDE detector. With cold like this, people running heaters that burn succumb to Carbon Monoxide and die.  Get a detector, it will save your life.  

A polar air-mass will dip down into the United States come Saturday and produce very cold wind chill factors.  Although the temperatures will be ‘warmer’ (that’s not saying much) the wind chills are what we will be targeting as the most dangerous part.

The coldest part of the forecast zone will be Canada, with wind chills below -50 to -55F … THAT IS COLD!

However, the coldest we will see in terms of wind chill factors will be Detroit, where wind chill factors will be at -45F, with -20 extending as far south as Southern Ohio/IN/IL, with 0 extending as far south as Northern South Carolina and Northern AL/GA!


Lowest Temperatures for Big Cities Calculated;

Toronto -50F
Detroit, MI -45F
Chicago, IL -35F
Cleveland, OH -30F
Portland, ME -30F
Minneapolis, MN -25F
Boston, MA -25F
NYC -25F
PHL -20F
DC -20F
St. Louis, MO -10F
Raleigh, NC -5F
Nashville, TN -5F
Atlanta 0

source: Weather Team