Obama BANS Common AR-15 Ammo – Third GUN CONTROL Executive Order This Year

For the third time this year alone, the Barack Obama is using his “executive authority” to go after gun owners and manufacturers – this time banning a common type of AR-15 ammunition.


Bypassing Congress, Obama’s Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (BATFE) announced that they plan to ban commonplace M855 ball ammunition, reclassifying it as “armor-piercing” ammunition.

The AR-15 is the most common rifle in America – but since it’s been used in a series of mass shootings – it is demonized as an “assault weapon” and “weapon of war.”

Of course, that the most common rifle might be used to commit the most crimes is tautological reasoning lost by gun control nuts. But this is the latest in their effort to undermine the Second Amendment.

Just last month, the BATFE effectively banned the use of pistol stabilizing braces, designating it as a “redesign” rather than a simple modification.

Prior to that, the federal agency “redefined what they consider “manufacturing” under the Gun Control Act – to include when a gunsmith merely repairs or customizes a rifle as a “sale.” The rule puts these actions under extensive federal control.

All of these actions – which amount to SIGNIFICANT  changes in LAWS PASSED by Congress – are being done with ZERO Congressional oversight, and they are being IGNORED by the mainstream media (MSM).

They are attempts to criminalize and regulate a Constitutionally protected and legal activity.

Our Second Amendment Rights are being taken from us in piecemeal fashion right under our noses.

Photo Credit: nraila.org

H/T: weaselzippers.us